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Workshop • Flowers and Leaves Pendant

Create your own unique charm using silver clay with flowers and leaves.



I fell in love with making jewelry because I was able to explore my feelings and thoughts by expressing myself onto the piece I was making with my hands. I found the interative process of refining my work to be therapeutic and self-discovering.

I wanted to share the sheer joy of creating something with your own hands so  I started teaching this class. Over the past holiday season, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach to the amazing people in Seoul, how to make a silver pendant by hand.  




As the wonderful people who participated in my class did,
you will not only have a beautiful necklace to take home
that is uniquely yours, but also experience the process of 
exercising your creative expression. 

I will be teaching this class to a small group of 4 in my home studio
in San Francisco regularly as well as a pop-up class in Los Angeles this March.

Visit this link to learn more about this class 
or simply email or message me on Instagram!


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