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Featured • FINKEL's New Album


FINKEL is Jane and Brian an electronic soul / pop duo based out of L.A. 

FINKEL released their first full-length album "Sick 2020" and featured Dol ring and Sadie ring in the new album cover shoot.

In the shoot, you can see Jane and Brian posing behind an opaque screen, expressing the overall mood of their album. In the photo, you can see Dol and Sadie rings shimmer through the screen as if they're presenting the silver lining, the hope!

Their new album is as amazing as this shoot and If you haven't listened to it yet, check it out in this link. I'm listening to it right now and seeing myself humming to it in the shower.

Jane is wearing the Dol ring and Brian is wearing the Sadie ring.
Photography by Erin Soorenko.




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