We seldom spend time acknowledging our moods and feelings.
Nature provides the space for us to focus on the present and connect with our emotions.
Aeri Go was created to remind us of the importance of love and empathy through being in nature. 
Natural elements inspired each piece. I invite you to develop your unique connection with your Aeri Go piece.


·۰•● Making Process
Every piece of Aeri Go is inspired by nature. It is designed from the five senses we feel when we interact with nature.

These feelings are visualized on paper, sculpted in wax, then casted using an ancient technique called lost wax casting with recycled metal.
Aeri Go is handcrafted with love and packaged with care in NYC.

·۰•● Sustainability
We are all part of nature so taking care of nature is taking care of ourselves.  It’s for every living thing on Earth. 

Aeri Go is committed to conducting all operations in the most socially and environmentally responsible way possible.
We use recycled, ethically sourced metals and mainly use lab-grown diamonds or heirloom stones to avoid environmental impact from mining. 
For mined stones, we work with trusted partners to meet ethical standards for sourcing gemstones and diamonds and to follow labor practices.