Care Guide

Your precious baby needs your good care! ✧

Taking care of what we have and have them last long
is another way to achieve sustainability.
With a good care, jewelry can last forever
and handed down to generations.


Here are some tips to take care of your pieces.

✿ Please wipe the jewelry after use with polishing cloth so that you can minimize tarnishing.

✿ When you are storing it away for an extended time, place in an air-tight plastic bag with anti-tarnish tap or use an anti-tarnish plastic bag to prevent it from tarnishing 

✿ If the damage is severe, please don't hesitate to contact me
to find the best solution to restore your precious jewelry.

✿ How to use polishing cloth
Rub the surface to be polished with medium pressure until the cloth is completely darkened. Do not wash the cloth. You can re-use the cloth as long as it works even with the tarnish smudges.