Custom Jewelry

jewelry is an intimate object that closely linked to your body. 
It serves as a physical embodiment of a memory, time, 
or feeling that is recalled when wearing it. 

A Dewdrop necklace for Sally



Creating a unique piece of art is
remembering your precious story.



An emerald cut necklace for Jeena

Cross necklaces for Tiffany and Jeena (Right - Wax models of the cross necklace design)

Whether it is a one-of-a-kind engagement ring or
daily wear piece, It's an adornment you want to cherish forever.


Shorter version of Pond hair pin and Pond hair pin inspired tie bar.

Snake and bunny inspired jewelry set for Jun and Angela (Left - Sketches of bracelet cuff)


The process is so easy and seamless.
You can simply send me an email with your interest.
I'll guide you throughout the process. 


Pearl clustered ring for Yuni

Engagement ring and Wedding band






✿ The Process

  1. Ideation: Share the idea or inspiration of the design. it can be a rough sketch, verbal explanation, or the inspiration photos. For example, You can say, "I want to make a small, everyday cross pendant in gold."

  2. Design: I'll send you the sketch of designs to choose and you can let me know what you think.

  3. Quote: Once the design is confirmed, I'll give you the estimated quote. You can still make minor changes of the design during the modeling process.

  4. Modeling: I'm going to start making a wax model and will send you photos or videos of it so that you can see how it would look. 

  5. Order: I'll send you the exact quote with a link to the private product page for you to place an order.

  6. Production: Once the order is confirmed, I'm going to start making your jewelry piece. The production normally takes 4-8 weeks depending on the design.