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Born and raised in South Korea, Aeri Go mastered silversmithing in Seoul prior to moving to America in 2016. Shortly after her move, she launched her jewelry brand, Aeri Go Jewelry that embodies the Korean virtues of harmony and balance in life.
Take for example, the curves found in the eaves of an ancient palace or in the silhouette of a traditional garment are modest in their expression and resonant to nature. Aeri Go studies forms and expressions that are consonant with such ideals. It is her mission to share the values of harmony and balance in life through every piece of Aeri Go.
All living organisms found in nature have imperfections that make them truly one-of-a-kind. These imperfections, that our left and right sides aren’t perfectly symmetric or that we have moles and freckles everywhere, give us the character that makes us unique individuals. Natural forms embrace personality that develop over time, that eventually grow on you. Aeri Go pursues the virtue of nature, to develop jewelry that organically becomes part of your character and part of your own “imperfections.”
Any inquiries or custom work at hi@aeri-go.com.